The Anguilla Tae Kwon Do Club's Trip to New York

A number of parents and well-wishers turned up at the Wall Blake Airport on the evening of Tuesday, April 28th, to welcome back the members of the Anguilla Tae Kwon Do Club from their successful participation in the 25th United Chong Do Kwan Tournament in the united States. The team, under the leadership of Instructor, Emmanuel Laud, captured 21 medals, including 12 gold, 3 silver and 6 bronze, from a field of almost 300 competitors.

The team, which included, Black Belt, Edward Webster, Brown Belts, Lanford Morton, David Laud, Eric Laud, Mirabelle west, Delon Skellekie, and Angele and Devin Hodge, Red Belts Anton and Aidan Scipio, Purple Belt, Jelani Banks and Yellow Belts, Shridath Rey, Shevianw Hughes, Wayne Richardson, and Juan Gomez, was accompanied by team assistants, yellow belts, Phyllis Fleming-Banks and Cheryl Laud.

The opening ceremony included a line-up and a welcome from Grandmaster Shin and assignment of judges. Anguilla's Black Belts, Instructor, Emmanuel Laud and Edward Webster were among those selected to judges for the competition.

As in lastyear's performances, the team members were outstandingin their performances:
Black Belt, Emmanuel Laud, captured two gold medals for his demostrations and Brown Belt, Lanford Morton was awarded a silver medal in the Grand Championship Cup contest. Also excelling in their performances were Sheviane Hughes, who tool two gold medals and one bronze, Mirabelle West and Jelani Banks, with two gold medals each, Shridath Rey, with one gold and two bronze, Juan Gomez, with a gold and a silver, Delon Skellekie and Aidon Scipio, each capturing a gold and a bronze medal, Devin Hodge , a silver medal and wayne Richardson, a bronze.

On October 5, 1997 the Anguilla Tae Kwon Do Club celebrated their 5th anniversary in Anguilla.


On December 13, 1998 the Tae Kwon Do Club will host their 2nd Invitational Tae Kwon Do Tournament.


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